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How well do you sleep? - Olivia Arezzolo (Australia's Leading Sleep Expert)

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Everything you need to know about DrRest 

We all know a good mattress is the foundation for a good nights rest - it can either support or sever our abilities to fall into deep sleep, the prime time for cellular repair, and therefore, recovery and rejuvenation. However, how to pick the right mattress? How to know if it’s for you, and is it going to give you the quality sleep you know, love and need? As Australia’s leading sleep expert, I will be completely transparent with you: there is no one size fits all. That said, there are certain green flags we can seek out, which will increase the chance that the mattress is for you. And many of these flags are found within DrRest - as you’re about to see.

Green flag 1: designed with leading health professionals

First and foremost - who helped create it? In the case of DrRest, leading Australian medical experts in Spinal Surgery (Dr Gerald Quan), Osteopathy (Dr George Michael), Sleep &, Respiratory Medicine (Dr Nick Antoniades) and Urology (Dr Peter Liodakis) helped design the mattress - that’s who. 



Green flag 2: unique, innovative design 

With expert insights into the musculoskeletal system and the importance of spinal alignment & balance, the DrRest patented mattress is a first of its kind with no current equivalent competitor in its design. Specifically, it offers three separate sections, exclusive of each other, each acting as individual pods that work independently to conform to the different sections of the user’s body, their head, shoulder hips and legs.  The design allows for maximum adaptability, or “give” in each area of the user’s body, to provide the maximum pressure relief, an optimal resting position, spinal alignment and in turn the ultimate rest.

Another core feature of the design, specifically in the shoulder zone of the DrRest mattress is Technogel® – a one of a kind biocompatible material that adapts like a liquid, while providing the support of a solid when weight or pressure is applied - and is more pressure relieving than commonly used memory foams. Its thermal properties aid body heat dispersion, which helps maintain a cool core body temperature - critical for a good nights sleep. 

Lastly, The DrRest Sleep System distributes interface pressure over a wide surface area, decreasing the pressure points common in isolated areas such as the hip or shoulder. Clinical testing has found the optimal tolerance levels for restful sleep with a self-levelling design that adapts to any somatotype.     


Green flag 3: backed by clinical trials 

For over 2 years with 150 different individuals, DrRest has been clinically tested to ensure the results stand - and regardless of body size or sleeping profile, this has been the case. Specifically, in trials conducted in a clinical setting, significant improvements in spinal alignment were demonstrated in people who lay on a DrRest versus the same mattress without the DrRest design. These images show improved spinal alignment at the DrRest shoulder zone. The results were consistent across body size, weight or shape. 


For more examples please visit Dr Rest in action.


Green flag 4: endorsed by credible associations 

 Lastly, it’s important to consider which organisations support the mattress too - and in the case of DrRest, to know they are endorsed by Osteopathy Australia (OA) is another green flag.As the peak body for Osteopaths across Australia, OA only work with complementary partners they believe are providing high-quality musculoskeletal care for Australians.



1, 2, 3, 4 - these are the green flags you should look for when buying a mattress; and needless to say, why you should try out DrRest for yourself.


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