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Health Professionals

DrRest is highly regarded by healthcare professionals in a number of specialities and is the sleep system of choice in supporting patient health, rest and recovery.

Endorsed by Osteopathy Australia

Osteopathy Australia represents osteopaths across all Australian states and territories and is a member of the Allied Health Professionals Australia and Osteopathic International Alliance.

DrRest, with its focus on health, is delighted to be endorsed by Osteopathy Australia. The peak body for Osteopaths across Australia, OA only work with complementary partners they believe are providing high-quality osteopathic care for Australians. With the DrRest team of musculoskeletal and sleep experts, they have drawn on their clinical experience and medical research to bring a surface design and configuration that supports better physical and mental wellbeing.

Learn more about osteopathy for musculoskeletal health and wellbeing here. 

DrRest Healthcare Partners

Select a partner near you and book your complimentary DrRest consultation now.

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      Become a DrRest Partner

      The DrRest team have the information and resources to guide health practitioners through the sleep system as a referrer or DrRest partner in your practice. Create your own login to view additional product information, terms and conditions specifically for health professionals.

      Our online ordering system and one mattress solution simplify the often overwhelming choice in mattress purchase. Our focus on health aligns with and supports many treatment plans.

      We believe DrRest is an investment in a quality mattress for better rest and optimal health. We’re here to support that process at every step.

      *Despite this product being certified by Osteopathy Australia to meet independent standards, the product was created independently of Osteopathy Australia, which bears no responsibility for any losses arising from the product.


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