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About DrRest

DrRest originated with a small group of healthcare professionals driven to see health as the focus for finding quality rest. With a shared belief that getting quality rest is an essential right, we began the research and development for a mattress that puts health first. To create the ‘one mattress’ that health professionals could agree is the ideal sleep surface.

Our mission is to create the ultimate sleep system

Our team were not interested in simply creating another mattress that talked about the importance of sleep and spinal alignment. We wanted to create a mattress that truly responded ergonomically to each body. How could one mattress adapt to varying body shapes and sizes?

Informed by real-life issues associated with a lack of quality sleep and musculoskeletal rest, our DrRest health experts undertook exhaustive medical literature research combined with their respective clinical experience to design and configure a mattress that has far exceeded even our expectations. 

What we uncovered through our clinical setting trials truly excited our team of health professionals, who could see the real health impact of improved quality of rest, relaxation and recovery. Zoning in on how a body rests, what it feels and how it interacts with a surface led our team to a key discovery. 

We’ve discovered the key to better rest

Our research uncovered that it is at the shoulders that we differ most from person to person. Our team zeroed in on how a mattress can accommodate the varying sizes of shoulders to support spinal alignment. With a world-first approach to design development, material selection and mattress configuration, our experts created a transformative shift in finding quality rest.

In designing a mattress that ergonomically responds to any body size, shape or weight to align the spine for rest, our DrRest design team experienced their ‘aha’ moment.

The DrRest Sleep System is the culmination of health expertise, research and real-life experience of a team driven to see people experience the benefits of quality rest. Our innovative, patented mattress is available for every body to experience better rest.

DrRest is Australian owned and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Values


Better sleep needs the expertise of sleep health experts. DrRest is a partnership of health experts involved in every step of the process to support better rest.


For quality sleep, a quality sleep system is vital. There’s no compromise, with ethically sourced materials of only the highest quality selected for better health.


We won’t rest until our customers do. We’ll explore every angle our research and expert teams take for innovative improvements.


We support sleep, rest and health, providing expert-level customer support that aligns with our mattresses.